Rummy House

Rummy House
An online multiplayer card game
Rummy House is based on a friendly game of cards called Rummy. My friend, Will, and I missed playing Rummy so...we built Rummy House!
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Planning process:
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1) Listed out the main actions and goals involved in the card game. 2) Checked out our competitors and broke down strengths and weaknesses, especially in their UX. 3) Created a flowchart based on Rummy and what I learned in 1) and 2).
Paper prototypes:
While I was laying down the elements of the game, I focused on making the layouts feel natural. My goal was to capture much of the physical experience into 2D form.
Design decisions:
One of the most important design decisions I had to make was the card design 🃏 Although we weren't designing for mobile, I wanted to reduce the unnecessary work of maintaining different versions.
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Other decisions, such as designing visual labels/cues, were often aesthetic or brand-driven. For instance, the same suit emblems are used to design the cover images.
MVP Insights:
There were three insights I missed that I realized in our MVP testing: